Privacy Policy

Delta Airline is committed to protect the privacy of all its customers. We are bound by laws and policies to keep the information of our customers private and not reveal it under any circumstances. We keep our promise of providing reliable and best experience to our customers. But, in every step our first priority is protecting privacy and information of each and every customer. Following are the privacy policies of Delta Airline that every customer enjoys:

Aspects of Personal Information As Is Possessed By Us

  1. Our privacy policies explain our practices regarding every booking, ticket, service purchase, account information, and personal and transaction information.
  2. Whatever information that is collected from our customers is safe with us.
  3. We ask for our customers' name, account information, billing information, transaction information, address, contact no.s, e-mail, family background, identity proof, and other identification information that are personal to the customers and which shouldn't be revealed.
  4. Many particulars of customers are asked only to provide various services and products to them. We collect and store the information you enter in forms or give us by telephone, email and other ways to identify you. Other information includes meal requests, traveller preferences, rental information, potential preferences, seat selection and travelling frequency. These details are personal but these details are required for safety, for identification purpose, for legal purpose and to get registered as a member of Delta Airline. You have to complete the traveller profile to purchase services and participate. We request these particulars only for your benifit and convenience, for proper delivery of travel information.

If you get services booked for others too, you need to tell their details for arrangements after their consent. Delta Airline uses the billing information for completing the travel purchases, providing the services and products requested by you, to give travel confirmation and updates, to manage accounts and bills, to communicate or notify, to measure your interest and improve our services, to resolve any dispute with us, to prevent illegal activities, to enforce terms of use, and to enhance your experience with us. Your information is shared with some of the entities for the purpose of bookings and services which is mandatory. For travel reservations your information is shared at hotels, airlines, car rental companies and other service providers. Only mandatory and basic information is shared. No personal details are shared that can raise objection. We encourage our customers also to review the privacy policies whose products or services they purchase.

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